After Years of Waiting, Canada Finally has a Federally-Funded Solar Incentive Program

The Leaders Summit on Climate, recently hosted by President Biden, represented a pivotal step forward in the fight against climate change. As it underscored the urgency of industry-wide decarbonization, participating nations were encouraged to up their environmental ambitions. Many nations heeded this call, including Canada, which pledged reductions of 40-45% of 2005 levels by 2030 (comparedContinue reading “After Years of Waiting, Canada Finally has a Federally-Funded Solar Incentive Program”

The Role of Municipal Government in Fighting Climate Change

Discussions of climate mitigation strategies tend to be centered around provincial and federal initiatives, with municipalities often excluded from the conversation altogether. This is unfortunate, as municipalities play an important role in developing environmental public policy. If Canada is to achieve its aggressive, time-sensitive emission reductions, all levels of government must be included in decarbonizationContinue reading “The Role of Municipal Government in Fighting Climate Change”

Environmentalists Need to Stop Talking About Overpopulation

During the 50th annual meeting of the World Economic Forum, world-renowned primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall asserted that “most environmental problems wouldn’t exist” if the world’s population was at the level it was at 500 years ago. I have great respect for Dr. Goodall, but this perspective is simplistic at best and highly problematic at worst.

What a Biden Presidency means for American Cleantech

Saturday afternoon, on November 7th, 2020, Biden was declared President-Elect by major media outlets across the United States, putting an end to an election characterized by unprecedented levels of voter and industry anxiety. The candidacies and visions of Joseph Biden and Donald Trump could not have been more juxtaposed, demonstrating the severe degree of polarizationContinue reading “What a Biden Presidency means for American Cleantech”

Is Canada’s Carbon Tax Enough to Fight Climate Change?

As Canada’s 2019 Federal election looms overhead, carbon pricing has shown itself to be a highly contested and divisive issue. Since the Federal Liberals announced their carbon pricing plan, it’s dominated the conversation surrounding climate change. The NDP and Greens back the Federal Liberal’s proposal, whereas the Conservatives do not, meaning the issue has fallenContinue reading “Is Canada’s Carbon Tax Enough to Fight Climate Change?”

Making the Case for a Canada-Wide Solar Incentive

In just a few short months, the coronavirus pandemic has profoundly destabilized the world’s economies and brought on a devastating recession sure to have lasting impacts. Governments around the world have scrambled to unload a tsunami of government expenditure and social programs to avoid economic collapse. Where countries choose to direct this expenditure will haveContinue reading “Making the Case for a Canada-Wide Solar Incentive”

Canada’s 2019 Election is a Win for Green Energy

In less than 100 days, Canadian voters will head to the polls to determine the country’s next 4-year mandate. Likely, this means choosing between Justin Trudeau and the Liberals, or Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives. For many businesses, the familiar feeling of election uncertainty looms in the air. Industries which are supported primarily along partisanContinue reading “Canada’s 2019 Election is a Win for Green Energy”