After Years of Waiting, Canada Finally has a Federally-Funded Solar Incentive Program

The Leaders Summit on Climate, recently hosted by President Biden, represented a pivotal step forward in the fight against climate change. As it underscored the urgency of industry-wide decarbonization, participating nations were encouraged to up their environmental ambitions. Many nations heeded this call, including Canada, which pledged reductions of 40-45% of 2005 levels by 2030 (comparedContinue reading “After Years of Waiting, Canada Finally has a Federally-Funded Solar Incentive Program”

Making the Case for a Canada-Wide Solar Incentive

In just a few short months, the coronavirus pandemic has profoundly destabilized the world’s economies and brought on a devastating recession sure to have lasting impacts. Governments around the world have scrambled to unload a tsunami of government expenditure and social programs to avoid economic collapse. Where countries choose to direct this expenditure will haveContinue reading “Making the Case for a Canada-Wide Solar Incentive”

How Solar Energy Could Entice Young Workers to Take-up Agriculture

For many young Canadians, career prospects are bleak, with little hope for change. Economic anxiety grips the country, even as the governing Liberal party has enjoyed a relatively stable economy throughout their time in office.